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As a full time web professional it’s sad, though not exactly unexpected, to find that my personal site is embarrassingly undeveloped!

Here are links to some of my other stuff visible on the web …

My day job

By day I look after the ongoing maintenance and development of the Kew website, plus other related things like e-commerce and integration, web stats, SEO, accessibility, and multimedia delivery such as mobile phone and kiosk based interpretation, and video and audio embedding

  • the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew website – www.kew.org

My playground

My hobbies

Aside from both professional and personal digital media work, my key interests include photography, both my own and also vintage photographs (of which I have a growing collection of images dating from the 1840s onwards).

And just occasionally

  • I get away from a computer screen or a mobile phone and go to the allotment or take a bike ride

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