About James Morley

As a full time digital professional it’s sad, though not exactly unexpected, to find that my personal site is embarrassingly undeveloped!

Here are links to some of my other stuff visible on the web …

My day job

Latest: On 1 April 2014 I’ll be joining Europeana as ‘Creative Industries Communities Developer’, working mainly on marketing their API and other services. Very excited!

This follows a planned break after leaving Kew back in July 2013, having taken voluntary redundancy after 19 years service! During my time off I’ve been taking the chance to build my skills and contacts. I’ve also developed a few prototype sites like culturepics.orggathr.it, and have continued to play around with APIs like Flickr. Plus of course I’ve been working on www.apennypermile.com and in August successfully completed my 5,000 mile challenge with a 9-day, 1,054 mile ride from Land’s End to John O’Groats. In total I’ve now raised just short of £6,000 for Prostate Cancer UK.

My playground


As well as digital professional, I am also a published, albeit part-time, photographer. Here are some examples of my work.

Plant & Garden Photography |  Portrait photography |  Wedding photography

See some more of my personal photography on Flickr

Vintage Photographs

I have a growing collection of historic images dating from the 1840s onwards, and have a long history of sharing this collection and building and participating in the online community.

And just occasionally

  • I get away from a computer screen or a mobile phone and go to the allotment or take a bike ride

Latest News

Well, well, well

I haven’t ever posted on a personal topic on any of my blogs before, but this is somewhat different, and something I want to just get out into the open. Plus I want to get down in writing everything that I would say to everyone who I would like to tell in person, but simply …

Through the seasons at Kew – International Garden Photographer of the Year finalist

This image was a finalist in the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition 2011. It is a composite shot, each season being a panorama comprising at least 33 separate images, all stitched together into one image, and then each overlaid and blended to create the passage from spring blossom on the left, through verdant …